The Storm has Settled

I wanted to wait to express my feelings freely on the Tulo trade to the Blue Jays until after I saw what Jeff Bridich and the Rockies were going to do come trade deadline… well now that it has come and gone it is time to get it all out.

If you have followed my blog then you realize that I am NOT AT ALL a fan of Mr Tulowitzki as a person but as a player I don’t think anyone could play short as well as he can… that is as long as he is healthy. That was the problem though, The Rockies were paying this guy $120 Million to play and he BARELY played. Am I happy he is gone, yes! It was hard I will admit I had to cry about it and shed a tear or two just so I could get it out of my system.

As for the rest of the Deadline I was pretty upset that the Rockies did not make any other moves. Unfortunately The Rockies don’t have the farm system to develop pitchers and so why not develop hitters and then trade them for a starting pitcher that season? My final thought was if you thought getting 3 prospects who might help us in the future become a winning team… then do it. Tulo was the last of the 2007 WS team and maybe it really is time to rebuild, but build from the bottom.

Where does a team go from here you ask….hopefully up in the standings.

I am @BlakeStBabe and this was The Take: from 20th and Blake.

Back Around

Hello all. As I sit here I finally find time to write and update everyone about my journey the last year. As I started my new job with Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association I have found my balance with being me and autographing. Spring Training was rough in the aspect of finding time to be me and going to get autographs at the Rockies. Since I do autographing through work it was hard to pick the teams I went and got for work and the teams I went and got for my personal collection. 

Thankfully the only team I completely collect is the Rockies and I still am able to graph. 

I ended up getting to graph a few days during Spring Training which was wonderful being around friends that have traveled in from Colorado and hanging with some of my favorite guys!

I did however had to miss Opening Day here in Colorado but finally hit my first Rockies game against the White Sox. 

Graphs were decent especially with Paul Konerko. I wish him all the best in his journeys after baseball. 

Next game was this weekend against the Phillies. I spent the whole weekend autographing with friends and getting back into the grove. This weekends count was: 

7 Batting Practice baseballs

9 autographed baseballs (Papelbon, 2 Sandberg, Howard, Manship, Utley, Stubbs, Brown, Belisle)

1 Autographed Game Worn Wil Nieves Jersey

1 Opening Day Tyler Chatwood Name Plate

1 Game Used Broken Bat Justin Morneau

Carlos Ruiz baseball card

I would say that it was a pretty solid weekend!

I’m deciding how I want my blog to flow this year so please bear with me but keep your eyes peeled! I have some sweet give aways his year and should have some cool small blogs on some of the players!

I am Blake St Babe and this is The Take: From 20th and Blake!

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Never to Late

I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has read my blog this last month and for through out the whole season. I know after the 4th of July life got extremely busy with a new job and baseball and living in the Springs but I’m hoping to get more involved next season. I will be having at least 1 more contest on here before the end of the season BUT after traveling to Los Angeles for the last game of the season I plan to do a HUGE post on Todd. I have photos from his 2500 hit, his last game at Coors, AND his last game in LA. That should be up in a few days but I want to make sure I take my time and get everything in. Man what a season! Keep watching for some cool stuff!

I’m Blake St Babe and this is The Take: From 20th and Blake!

Mad Angry Upset… Life of a Rockies Fan

So this whole thing with Betancourt really stresses me out but then again its typical and it shouldn’t bother me at all.

I had high hopes for this team and they provided us with moments of hope but then took it away in a matter of games. Is this what it is going to be like for FOREVER? With about 6 weeks left in the season i feel that we and the players know that the playoff chase is over, i think they know that we had a chance to be THAT team but now its to late… Or is it?!? Time will only tell.

Lets see what these next few weeks hold, it could also be Todd’s last or will he be back for his 17th season?!? We shall see, stay tuned!

-Blake St Babe

MIA for the Last Month

Hey guys sorry for not posting in a while I have been super busy with work with just being hired on full time! I also have been traveling with my other job but I finally will start writing again, actually starting tomorrow with a sky sox game! Then all weekend at the Rockies! Get ready here we go! Talk to you all tomorrow!