Back Around

Hello all. As I sit here I finally find time to write and update everyone about my journey the last year. As I started my new job with Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association I have found my balance with being me and autographing. Spring Training was rough in the aspect of finding time to be me and going to get autographs at the Rockies. Since I do autographing through work it was hard to pick the teams I went and got for work and the teams I went and got for my personal collection. 

Thankfully the only team I completely collect is the Rockies and I still am able to graph. 

I ended up getting to graph a few days during Spring Training which was wonderful being around friends that have traveled in from Colorado and hanging with some of my favorite guys!

I did however had to miss Opening Day here in Colorado but finally hit my first Rockies game against the White Sox. 

Graphs were decent especially with Paul Konerko. I wish him all the best in his journeys after baseball. 

Next game was this weekend against the Phillies. I spent the whole weekend autographing with friends and getting back into the grove. This weekends count was: 

7 Batting Practice baseballs

9 autographed baseballs (Papelbon, 2 Sandberg, Howard, Manship, Utley, Stubbs, Brown, Belisle)

1 Autographed Game Worn Wil Nieves Jersey

1 Opening Day Tyler Chatwood Name Plate

1 Game Used Broken Bat Justin Morneau

Carlos Ruiz baseball card

I would say that it was a pretty solid weekend!

I’m deciding how I want my blog to flow this year so please bear with me but keep your eyes peeled! I have some sweet give aways his year and should have some cool small blogs on some of the players!

I am Blake St Babe and this is The Take: From 20th and Blake!

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