The Storm has Settled

I wanted to wait to express my feelings freely on the Tulo trade to the Blue Jays until after I saw what Jeff Bridich and the Rockies were going to do come trade deadline… well now that it has come and gone it is time to get it all out.

If you have followed my blog then you realize that I am NOT AT ALL a fan of Mr Tulowitzki as a person but as a player I don’t think anyone could play short as well as he can… that is as long as he is healthy. That was the problem though, The Rockies were paying this guy $120 Million to play and he BARELY played. Am I happy he is gone, yes! It was hard I will admit I had to cry about it and shed a tear or two just so I could get it out of my system.

As for the rest of the Deadline I was pretty upset that the Rockies did not make any other moves. Unfortunately The Rockies don’t have the farm system to develop pitchers and so why not develop hitters and then trade them for a starting pitcher that season? My final thought was if you thought getting 3 prospects who might help us in the future become a winning team… then do it. Tulo was the last of the 2007 WS team and maybe it really is time to rebuild, but build from the bottom.

Where does a team go from here you ask….hopefully up in the standings.

I am @BlakeStBabe and this was The Take: from 20th and Blake.


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